The Challenges in Creating a Remodeling Contractor Shortlist

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When you decide to remodel the kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other space in and around your property, your journey has only begun. Finding the right contractor for the job can present a multitude of challenges. This part of the remodeling project needs careful consideration and planning. 

Creating a Shortlist of Contractors

Where do you even begin creating a shortlist of contractors? You could do a Google search, noting relevant details about each potentially suitable contractor. There are a number of problems with this approach. First of all, search engines are incredibly sensitive to the words you use in your search. You may have to refine the search query several times to get even ballpark results. 

The next issue is mining the information you need on each contractor. Whether you are clicking through to company websites or a site like Craigslist, there are significant differences in how information is formatted and presented. This will make the task of creating a shortlist laborious and frustrating. 

Consistent and Concise Comparisons

The best shortlists contain consistent and concise information that can be used to make like-for-like comparisons. It’s fair to assume you will want a licensed contractor. Finding this information may require using other resources, such as your local government website, which requires carrying out a number of steps for each contender on your shortlist. 

The ideal solution is to have all the contractors suitable for your project listed at the same place. At HomeVuePro, that is exactly what you get. We have created an interactive website where you can create a shortlist of contractors and easily compare pros and cons regarding suitability for your project. Every contractor is a member of your local, state and National Association of Home Builders and is a licensed contractor.

This service makes it easy for homeowners, both new and current, to find the right contractor for any project. If you choose to register, you can save your favorites and begin creating your shortlist right away. We can speed up the process, getting your project underway!

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