Showcase Agreement

Showcase Agreement

Agreement between the contractor and HomeVuePro

I am a licensed remodeler or builder member in good standing with my local builder’s association, the state builders association and the National Association of Home Builders. I hereby agree to abide by the following rules and regulations:


  1. In order to be eligible to participate in, a member must be in good standing, meaning that the member has no accounts receivable balance and the member’s dues are current.
  2. I agree to provide with a photocopy of my current Contractor or Remodeler license and agree that my company name will be published exactly as listed on my license.
  4. Because the website is a member benefit of the local builder’s association, I understand that any company names listed in a showcase MUST be members of the association.
  5. I also agree that, by signing this Agreement, I agree to be bound by the HomeVuePro Servicemarks.


  1. I agree that removing my entry requires a removal form to be submitted to HomeVuePro.
  2. If the listing has been accepted and posted I may still remove the listing, but it is not eligible for a refund.
  3. I agree that all information on the forms will come from me or an authorized representative of my company, and the accuracy of that information is my responsibility. I can be reached during business hours at the number listed below.
  4. Once the showcase is posted I will verify the listing is correct. If not correct, I will immediately make corrections or notify HomeVuePro of any corrections.
  5. I agree that damages due to errors or omissions concerning my project, the maps or my firm, published in any related advertising or press releases will be limited to a maximum of a refund of my entry fee. I agree to call errors to the attention of the HomeVuePro through written communication.


  1. HomeVuePro is a very visible housing promotion. I agree to purchase a HomeVuePro sign that meets HomeVuePro specifications for each of my active listings. The sign must be placed next to my company yard sign at the time the showcase is posted and to remain visible for the duration of the project. An active listing for new construction is a home showcased on HomeVuePro that is for sale until the closing date, for a remodel it is a project showcases for the duration of construction until the contractor has received final payment from the homeowner.
  2. As a listing contractor holding an Open House, I agree to display directional signs in strategic street locations to direct potential buyers to Open House. I agree to follow municipal, county and D.O.T. sign ordinance rules. Directional signs should be placed no earlier than on the day of the open house and I agree to remove all directional signs within 24 hours of the completion of the Open House.


  1. All homes showcased on the HomeVuePro Website will be free to the public to view during an Open House event.
  2. I agree that the home will be complete, staffed and open for public viewing during any open house advertised.
  3. I agree indemnify and hold HomeVuePro harmless, to the fullest extent permitted by law, for bodily injury, property damage, or other liability occurring, arising out of or relating to my HomeVuePro Website Open House event. I agree to carry liability insurance, with HomeVuePro listed as an additional insured, containing a combined single limit of at least $1,000,000 each occurrence/$1,000,000 aggregate, or its equivalent on my HomeVuePro showcased Open home. I understand that a copy of this certificate of liability insurance is a requirement for entry and that the certificate must be submitted before Open House is published. I understand and agree that if I do not provide a certificate of liability, I will not open my home to the public, I am in violation, and the penalty may include loss of eligibility for future showcases and/or open house events.


  1. If the project presents a safety hazard to the public, I am in violation of this Agreement, and will receive a penalty.
  2. A project is complete when all inspections required for code compliance are completed and the grounds surrounding my entry, within my control, are neat and orderly. I will not work on the remodeling project, inside or outside, during an Open House.
  3. I understand that landscaping, including sod, is not a requirement (however we strongly encourage sodding at least the front yard) however I will ensure that the grounds surrounding my entry, within my control, are neat and orderly. Additionally, a “class 5” roadway and “class 5” driveway or boardwalk must be in place to provide safe access to the home. I will not work on the home, inside or outside, during Open House hours.
  4. If a home was posted to have an Open House and the house became unavailable for showing this needs to be indicated at the home and posted on the
  5. The project may be inspected by a representative from HomeVuePro to ensure the project follows the recommended guidelines as set forth by the
    HomeVuePro, a copy of which is incorporated herein.


  1. I understand that the price of the showcase is the reproducible price of the house and must indicate if lot is included or not. It is to be
    entered “as shown,” excluding only furniture, window treatments, specialty painting, wallpaper, interior design fees, free-standing appliances and freestanding
    audio/video/visual components. All “built-ins,” including built-in appliances, landscaping and lawn sprinkler systems are included in the price as
    well as architectural fees, paid specials, financing and commissions. Wallpaper and specialty painting can be excluded in the price if I display in the home
    or post in my pricing/feature brochures that the wallpaper and/or specialty painting is not included in the price. There will be no misleading or confusing
    pricing. I agree to adjust the pricing on the website in accordance with what I am able to sell the home. The penalty for violation of this rule may include
    loss of eligibility to showcase a home.
  2. I understand that if I am in violation due to a price discrepancy (i.e., price on hand-outs, brochures, the internet, or MLS higher than the published price),
    the penalty may include loss of eligibility to showcase a home. I AGREE TO OFFER MY HOME OR DUPLICATION OF HOUSE FOR SALE FOR NO MORE THAN


  1. My home may be inspected by a representative from HomeVuePro to ensure that the home is meets this agreement. I understand that the representative
    has a camera and has the right to take pictures of any suspected rule violation inside or outside the home. The representative may check that the home is
    safe, open during Open House hours and is the same price as listed in on the website. I understand that the representatives have a camera and have the
    right to take pictures of any suspected rule violation inside or outside of my home.
  2. A violation of this Agreement may result in the loss of eligibility to list a home on HomeVuePro, the imposition of a fine or the imposition of probation. In
    addition, I agree that HomeVuePro is entitled to obtain injunctive relief to enforce this Agreement. I agree that, if HomeVuePro obtains such injunctive
    relief, it is not required to post a bond as condition to the granting of such relief. I agree that damages alone will not be adequate to protect the interest of
    HomeVuePro and its members and I agree that injunctive relief is appropriate. I agree to pay all attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses incurred by
    HomeVuePro in connection with any legal proceeding commenced against me by HomeVuePro as a result of my breach of this Agreement, breach of the
    HomeVuePro Servicemarks or violation of the HomeVuePro guidelines.


The Contractor must sign this form. The form will be returned if signed by a non-principal.

By signing this Agreement, I acknowledge I have read and understand this Agreement, the HomeVuePro Servicemarks and the guidelines as set
forth by HomeVuePro. I understand and agree that a violation of these rules may lead to loss of eligibility to participate in HomeVuePro, imposition
of a fine, imposition of a period of probation and the commencement of legal action against me and my company.

Member Company Name: __________________________________________________________

Signature of Licensed Builder or Authorized Representative: __________________

Print Name: ______________________

Phone: _________________ License Number: ________________ Date: _______________________